We’ll cut out the BS and have you consistently looking, feeling and operating at your full potential with minimal input, more time and less stress.


You know your health is important but you struggle to find the time between health, work and family.

What's the solution?

You need to take the guesswork out and have the right
tools & systems that ensure:

- You can consistently perform everyday

- You're able to enter flow-states on demand

- You have endless energy with no mid-day crash

- You're able to balance your business by switching off

- You're able to handle the inevitable stress of business

That's why we designed a health-program specifically for busy professionals.

Because when your health-optimised, your competitors don't
stand a chance.

This is not just another health program.

This is the missing link between your current self and your full potential.

Who We Work With

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Our Clients Results

Meet Lars

He's a 6-figure entrepreneur who runs a marketing agency.

In 6 months we:


Overhauled his workflow and routines so he had an extra 2hrs a day for his family.


Eliminated his brain-fog so he could consistently perform, allowing him to scale his business to record-breaking months.


Lost 12lbs of fat & gain 2lbs of muscle as a result of more time and less stress.

Meet Ashley

Runs a 7-figure software company.

In 60 days we:


Automated his nutrition & health protocols so he had 21hrs more weekly time for his business. Resulting in taking his business from 70k months to 100k months.


Improved his stress-capacity to handle the inevitable stressors of running a business. He can now switch off and be present.


Increased his testosterone by 45% resulting in more energy,
drive & focus.

Meet Alex

Director of an agency.

In 90 days we:


Simplified his schedule to have less stress and more energy.


Removed the need for naps and consistency helped him enter flow-states on demand, allowing him to beat his competitors.


Automated his health so he lost 8lbs and gained 5lbs of muscle whilst scaling his business.

What We Do

Helping you look, feel and operate at your full potential.


Eradicate Brain Fog

Imagine how it would feel to have full cognitive capabilities on demand - You never forget your words, you're smarter and you have the edge over your competitors. 


Have Endless Energy

We'll analyse your sleep data along with your biometrics to optimise your body's biological clocks, so you wake up with no morning grogginess. You'll feel alert, ready to tackle the day and still have the energy for your personal life.


Become Laser Focused

We use modern-science with a data-driven approach to optimise your mind, body and environment, so you can enter flow-states on demand.


Firing On All Cylinders

The new-age of high-performers are health optimised. They look, feel and perform at their best. That's what we help you do by using our tried & tested GOLDILOX Method.

The person who I was before, and the person I am now are two completely different people.
Matt Gorski
Agency Owner
If you are on the fence about joining, I would highly encourage you to take the leap.
Jude Freeman
You can't afford not to work with Alex. In just 30 day's I'm feeling so much better. I'm performing at a higher cognitive level. The brain-fog is lifted.
Nate Casimiro
Software Director
I've been able to focus longer, have more clarity and have more energy.
Ethan Handley
My experience through the program was amazing!
Luke Yarrow
At the age of 41 I can honestly say I look and feel the best I ever have.
Ollie Buckley
When you perform well - The team follows. One of our sales guys on track to add 78k revenue already on the first week.
Ashley Wood

Helped over 250+ busy professionals look, feel and operate at their best.